How to Spot
Fake Clinics

Every day, fake clinics use lies, manipulation, and intimidation to prevent women from choosing or accessing abortions.


Misleading advertising

Some fake clinics will tell clients that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, or mental illness. None of these claims are true.


Medically inaccurate claims

The scientific community has concluded that abortion does not cause breast cancer.

Violating Privacy

Real doctors must comply with HIPAA regulations to protect your privacy.


Lies about gestational age

Some clinics mislead people as to how pregnant they are, making them think they’re further along than they are. They do this because some States have specific laws prohibiting abortion after a certain point. If you choose to have an abortion, you will have to abort before this due date.

Inaccurate information about miscarriage

Some clinics lead patients to believe that if they do nothing, they’ll miscarry naturally.  This isn’t necessarily true at all. Miscarriage risk depends on many factors, like the person’s age or health. The risk is highest early in the first trimester but the chances of miscarriage drop considerably as pregnancy progresses.

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If you’re pregnant, you should know that not everyone who wears a white coat is a doctor.


Fake Clinics: Don't Let Them Fool You



Fake clinics are everywhere. The more
you know about them, the better you
are prepared to protect yourself.

NYC Know Your Rights

The best way to fight against fake clinics and protect yourself is to know your rights. Here are some facts to keep in mind.

Report a Fake Clinic

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a fake clinic, you can report it by calling 311 or through the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) here. Reports of violation will help others avoid the same trap and can possibly lead to the closure of the facility.


If you file a complaint, please submit the information of your complaint and take a short survey: